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Revolutionize your digital marketing game with a strategic approach that breaks the norm, ensuring abnormal success for your brand.


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Empowering Small Businesses to Thrive Online: Launching Websites and Social Media Success.

At Abnormal Media Labs, we're here to help small businesses shine online! Our job is to make sure your business looks great on the internet. We create cool websites and share fun things about your business on social media.

Think of us as the helpers who make sure your business stands out in the online crowd. We're like the artists who paint a picture of your business on the internet and help you tell your story. Our goal is to help small businesses not just be online but be really good at it!

If you're a small business ready to do big things online, Abnormal Media Labs is here for you. Let's work together to make your business a standout in the digital world!


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Digital Dominance: The Concrete Case for Having a Damn Website

November 05, 20232 min read

Listen up, because we're talking real business here. In this digital jungle, not having a website is like going to a gunfight with a plastic spoon. No excuses. Let me break it down for you.

1. Digital Age, No Excuses:

Living in the digital age means having a website is non-negotiable. It's not just about your business; it's about giving back to the community. Imagine holding a solution that could change lives and keeping it under wraps. Detractor to the community, my friend.

2. Caring Business, Serious Business:

Social media is free real estate, sure. But having a website screams seriousness. Google, search engines – that's where you want to be found. No one's scrolling through a hundred social media posts to find you.

3. From Zero to Sales Hero:

Had a client allergic to social media, created a website, and bam – sales boost. Reviews on Google, a client list to pamper with promos. The website? The silent sales warrior.

4. Trust, thy Website:

Big brands got websites, and so should you. Size doesn't matter here. Having a website screams trust. No negatives. Period.

5. Relevance and Simplicity:

Your website's info should be on point – what you offer, how you do it. Visuals speak louder than words. Make it easy to reach you. Design matters.

6. Discoverable from Day One:

Even if you're a one-product wonder, be discoverable. SEO is your friend. No need for business cards – just drop your domain, and boom, you're found.

7. E-commerce Explosion:

E-commerce is on steroids. Sell online, have a store – dropshipping makes it a breeze. No physical items, no storage hassle. Welcome to the future.

8. Less is More, But More is Better:

Simple and concise, but descriptive. Your style, their perception. Let a killer marketing team and web developers turn your ideas into a digital masterpiece.

9. Website: Not One and Done:

It's not a one-time thing; it's a lifestyle. Automation, AI – they're your partners. Game-changer? You bet. Use it right, and watch your business soar.

10. Web Updates: It Depends:

Could be a daily hustle or a calm stroll. Niche matters. New products, promos? Weekly updates. Some? Minimal changes. Tailor it to your turf.

In the grand battle of business, a website is your silent warrior. Embrace it, wield it, conquer the digital realm. Time to dominate, no excuses. #DigitalDominance #WebWarrior

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